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срочно нужна ваша помощь инвалиду

Город: омск
Контактная информация:
Автор объявления: 1748
Телефон: 83812919635
Эл.почта: dgp05@bk.ru

ood afternoon Ladies and gentlemen!!! Appeals to You personally Дмитрев Gennady Petrovich 60 years, the invalid of the 2nd group of 3rd degree permanently disabled, the disability from 18 April 1975 to the present on the General заболеванию.В December 1974, I suffered a complex operation i.e I removed completely left lung ,in addition to this operation, I still suffered four complex surgeries in 2003. 2005,02008 g., 2009 on Oncology .Пенсия I have not much money for treatment and the power is not enough ,and to live хочется.Материально financial position I have heavy,.Прошу You personally !!! please help disabled Дмитреву Gennadii Petrovich who and how many will be able to $ 25000 twenty-five thousand dollars for the treatment. My requisites Inn 7707088393 BIC 045209673 cat 550502001 to/account # 30101810900000000673 Bank of the recipient of the Omsk branch # 8634 the Recipient Дмитрев Gennady Petrovich beneficiary’s account № 42306.810.8.4500.0289697,or to the card 639002459002295955 please don’t refuse to help a disabled person Дмитреву Gennady Petrovich,surely not You refuse disabled in помощи.Большое thank You for the attention and assistance of the disabled.
I enclose a certificate of disability Nauk MES 015 № 566808 of 17.03.2004 year extract from an outpatient card and of Oncology. With Respect Дмитрев G.P. 06.02.2013 y

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